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About Us

iKidZ Online is a live interactive virtual afterschool program offered by iKidZ Learning Centers in Fremont, CA. With over a decade of excellence in offering in-person after-school programs for students in K to 12 in the Fremont area, our exclusive, one of a kind program went online helping students achieve excellence from the comfort of their home when the pandemic hit in 2020. The continued effort of our staff and the commitment from our students has now led us to branch out and continue our online virtual programs as a separate sector of our learning programs in 2021 although all of our in-person programs have now returned back. Since its inception, our virtual programs had reached beyond the Fremont/Newark area and soon students from all over the US had a chance to get a glimpse of our programs. We hope to continue this journey online as virtual learning becomes the future of learning.

Although our online program was born in the midst of a pandemic, many students still continue to enjoy the comfort of learning from home. Remote learning has removed the commute, the strenuous drop off and pick up for parents amidst a very uncertain time. Our online programs are designed with the same vigor as our in-person programs. All online programs are structured activities focussing on the key academic areas. Our core online program called the SEAM gives students the opportunity to bring out their best potential for a successful future. SEAM concentrates on Science, English, Art and Math through live-interactive online learning. We offer both school year programs as well as summer programs.


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